No of Laboratories: 01

Department of Pharmacology has two well equipped and furnished laboratories includes Human anatomy and physiology, Pharmacology, and animal with sophisticated digital instruments for preclinical and toxicological research.

Area of each Laboratory: 82 sq. mtrs.each

List of major equipments:

Plethysmometer, Catalepsy bar test app., Behavioral models like Actophotometer, Eddy’s hot plate, Analgesiometer, Light and Dark model, Elevated plus maize, Morris water maize, Radial arm maize, Electro convulsiometer

Major Research area:

The Pharmacogonosy laboratory has facility for advanced research in the field of phytochemicals. The major research areas include

  1. Immunopharmacological studies
  2. Neuropsychological and behavioral studies
  3. Phytochemical studies
  4. Toxicological studies