Principal’s Desk

Prof Dr. V. N. Shrikhande


“When we want to know future of India. I do not look at the stars and planets but into the eyes of our Students, if their eyes are bright and full of joy and hope, the future of India is safe. Education at IBSSB’s college of pharmacy forces strongly based on the problems effecting our future and primate the spiritual, academia, social and emotional developments. We strive to provide opportunities which will assist the students to posses strong moral and character formation. Each institute of its own characteristic and identifiable personality and similar is with IBSSB’s college of pharmacy. Academia excellence has been keyword for us. Since its inception, results setting new records and receiving appropriate acclaim. The integration of academia excellence and professional learning is one which we try for high standard in transmission of knowledge within a dynamic and interactive environment entailing our students to gain distinction and honor in their chosen field. We recognize the need to prepare the students for challenges of twenty first century and by this providing an atmosphere which will encourage them to become life long learners and to strive to work co-operatively in society.